Platts (McGraw Hill)

Platts, for McGraw-Hill, Contracted by One to One Interactive

The website for the oldest information source for the power, fuels and metals markets in the United States was in need of a massive makeover prior to celebrating the company’s centennial year. The site suffered crippling structural problems and a chaotic delivery mechanism, often causing users to become lost, frustrated and annoyed. This was no way to kick off an anniversary

Among the four differing treatments proposed for the site, a complete redesign was recommended by the firm and approved by the client. After the initial clickable wireframe prototype was constructed, user testing produced extremely positive feedback and the structure was immediately approved. The user experience now offers an open navigation, allowing users to find what they are looking for instantly, contrasting the previous ad-hoc navigational experience by leaps and bounds.

Staff reviews:

‘We could not have done this without you”

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