Royal Carribbean

For Arnold Worldwide and their client Royal Caribbean Cruises

Challenge: Royal Caribbean Cruises – a cruise vacation company with a growing fleet of mega cruise ships and a established tour business at hundreds of global ports of call – needed to re-brand itself in a very competitive sector, move away from a static site and build a method for selling cruises online. Through its own organic growth, the client had quickly sewn together different parts of the company to a dated and disjointed web experience. Typical of the time, there was no e-commerce engine and sparse dynamic content.

Resolution: As part of the Arnold Interactive team, we assessed these problems through established practices and worked closely with the Miami based team. The team assembled a functional specification for the tight technical requirements stemming from necessary support for their legacy systems. With all the early work done, the Arnold Team built an expandable, adaptable and lush user experience that reaped a ten-fold increase in online sales in the first few months.

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